Case - Joinvasc

Case - Joinvasc
By  Admin  |   25 Aug 2023

Client: Joinvasc is a project that operates in Joinville (SC) to accompany patients who have suffered from a stroke.  

Challenge: Easy was asked to update Joinvasc's system, using technologies that would reduce long-term costs.

Solution: To improve long-term maintenance costs, we proposed migrating the current system to another database, using Easy Builder (Easy's tool) for development.  

In addition, we developed other aspects of the system, such as modeling the forms, customizing the system's usability, the stroke event rule, the death archiving rule, the Biobank rule (control registry), the dynamic check and radio rule, the social class rule, the Calls report, the QR code reader, developing the export to Excel and others. 

Results: Currently the system is already working on this new platform and the client has efficiency and more independence when it is necessary to do maintenance on the software.


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